Our Medical services

Acctive Plus is committed to deliver health services in the field of chiropractic with state of art centre in Delhi. We offer various phytotherapy treatment like neck pain, myofascial release, knee pain, shoulder pain & Y axis adjustment.

Myofascial Pain

Technique targeting muscle tightness, promoting pain relief and improved mobility.


Sciatica's the name, "crippling lower back torment that reaches out down the hip and legs" is its game.

Neck Pain

One of the common medical issues​ observed these days.

Knee Pain

A common woe linked to wear and tear of Knee. Embrace a pain-free life with chiropractic support.

Shoulder Pain

Leading cause of modern shoulder pain. Combat discomfort with targeted solutions.

Y axis adjustment

The Y-Strap is an apparatus for manual spinal decompression, and it truly doesn't look scary by any means.