Hamstring Strain

  • Jun 30, 2021
  • Jeetu Mishra
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Hamstring strains are caused by a rapid extensive contraction or a violent stretch of the hamstring muscle. Acctive plus provides best chiropractor in delhi for treatment of hamstring strains. This causes a high mechanical stress. This results in varying degrees of rupture within the fibers of the musculotendinous unit. Hamstring strains are common in sports with a like sprinting, jumping, where quick eccentric contractions are regular. In soccer it is the most frequent injury. You can find best chiropractor near you on acctive plus for hamstring strain. The hamstrings consist of three muscles : • The biceps femoris • semitendinosus and the • semimembranosus. Risk Factors • limited hamstring flexibility • increased fatigue • pore core stability • strength imbalance SYMPTOMS • pain and tenderness • loss of range of motion • decreased strength • decreased length of the hamstring Hamstring strains are categorized in 3 groups according to their severity • GEADE 1((mild) • GRADE 2(medium) • GRADE 3(severe) PHYSIOTHERAPY AND CHIROPRACTOR MANAGEMENT • Myofascial release • Deep stripping massage • Dry needling • TENS • Tapping

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