How to keep your Spine healthy?

  • Jun 30, 2021
  • Jeetu Mishra
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Spine health is very important but is mostly ignored by us which leads to grave consequences sometimes. Let us see how spine health can be kept in a check at home. Although if there is some serious pain or any other issue, we recommend you consult the chiropractor immediately. 1. While sleeping make sure your spine rests well When you rest, and lay down, make sure your spine is in a relaxing position as while you are resting your spine needs complete rest as well. A good mattress and pillow is also very crucial for a good spine rest. You need to choose a mattress which best supports your spine and your condition. A Good Exercise Specific and the right kind of exercise is needed for your core muscles, your lower back and abdominal muscles which needs to have strength in order to support your spine and help you get off the extra pressure from your spine. We would strongly suggest to get in touch with your chiropractor to know the exact exercise required for your body. The exercises for spine are simple and easy to use and only takes about 20-30 minutes of your time. Wear the right shoes Just like you have the right shoes for every dress you need to have the right shoes for walking and exercising as well. As shoes play a very important part in supporting your lower back. The right shoes also keep the alignment of the spine intact. Ensure the shoes you are wearing are a right fit, neither too lose nor too tight. As per the requirement of the shoes, use shoe orthotics or inserts. Opt for Healthy Massage If you were not aware of the fact that massage has numerous health benefits and is not just a stress buster then you must opt for a healthy massage routine. A healthy massage increases endorphins which is called the body’s natural painkiller which can also help you cut down pain medications. Massage is said to enhance blood flow which is also very important for your body in every way and can speed up the healing process. Clock your sitting time Your spine is taking up more weight while you are sitting than you are standing. You need to avoid sitting for a longer period of time and take breaks in between to stand up and walk. Also, those breaks needs to be in regular intervals. You need to ensure the height of your system is just fine and you are not leaning to work rather than your spine is straight. Your office chair needs to be appropriate and you need to consult your chiropractor for a healthy posture. We have tried to bring together points that can be easily followed by you on a day to day basis for keeping a healthy spine. In case you still feel uncomfortable and there is some serious problem, contact your chiropractor or you can call 9958546222 or visit

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