Myofascial release

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Date: 3rd March 2020

Fascia is thin/ tough elastic type of connective tissues that wraps most structure of human body Facsia protects the body structure This soft tissue becomes restricted due to over use , trauma ,excessive muscle tension and injury. Our expert chiropractor in Delhi will offer the best possible treatment and care at our clinic.


Myofascial release is a therapy that used to release tension and adhesions from the skin and underlying tissues which increases mobility and reduces pain
Promotes healing intissues and long lasting effect on postural correction Certain instrument which are used to release fascia are also used in addition to manual techniques
Myofascial release helps in improving blood and lymphatic circulation

Knee pain

Knee joint is a complex joint made of two joints
1. patello femoral
2. Rubio femoral
Both two joints together is called knee complex or knee joint
Other parts of knee joints are
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
Posterior cruciate ligament ( PCL)
Medial and lateral meniscus
Any injury , trauma, degeneration causes inflammation to the joint Patient will be unable to put weight , swelling will be present , range of motion will be reduced
We commonly see young people coming with ligament or meniscal injuries
And whereas older people usually come up with degenerative changes
What we refer as osteo arthritis
Osteo arthritis is more common in woman's than men's


Shoulder is also a complex joint involving four joints 1. gluneo-humeral
2. Acromio-clavicular
3. sterno clavicular
Scapula thoraxic
Most common injuries to shoulder joint appears in rotator cuff
Rotator cuff is made of four muscle
1. supra spinatus

2. infra spinatus
3. teres major
4. sub scalularis

Ligaments of shoulder
1. gluneo-humeral
2. coraco humeral
3. coraco humeral
4. transverse humeral

Common condition with which they generally appear
Frozen shoulder / stiff shoulder
Impinged syndrome
Periartharitis of shoulder
Pain full arc syndrome
Intra articular fracture

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