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Acctive Plus established in 2004 is dedicated to the chiropractic care of children, adults and senior citizens. Our well-trained interns and fully-licensed doctors of chiropractic use the latest technology and most recent research to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. We offer a broad range of services, including cutting-edge diagnostics to treat a variety of conditions.

  • ◐ Caring, competent and experienced chiropractors.
  • ◐ Friendly, knowledgeable supporting staff who are passionate about helping patients.
  • ◐ 4.7 rating of Chiropractors in Delhi based on Google reviews.
  • ◐ Members of the Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (IAP)

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Our Medical Services

Acctive Plus is committed to deliver health services in the field of chiropractic with state of art centre in Delhi. We offer various phytotherapy treatment like neck pain, myofascial release, knee pain, shoulder pain & Y axis adjustment.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial torment condition is utilized to show muscle torment in its different structures.


Sciatica's the name, "crippling lower back torment that reaches out down the hip and legs" is its game.

Neck Pain

One of the common medical issues​ observed these days.

Knee Pain

A radiating pain originating from the back side of your hip and radiating to the leg.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder torment is an issue that effects somewhere in the range of four and 26% of individuals in the consistently.

Y axis adjustment

The Y-Strap is an apparatus for manual spinal decompression, and it truly doesn't look scary by any means.

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We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the care they received here at Acctive Plus! Here are some of the wonderful letters and comments we have recently received.

“I visited Acctive Plus for post cast muscle recovery sessions. I could barely stand before engaging their services and within 10 days, I could walk, jump and hop on my feet. Extremely experienced staff with latest equipments. Highly recommended for all muscle recovery/strength related issues.”

- Yash Singhal

“I visited Active plus with issue in my shoulder and glutes. Dr Jeetu Mishra diagnosed me appropriately and provided relief in the first session itself. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a pain free life!”

- Akshay Mundepi

“Had troubled back and a shoulder but a precise diagnosis followed by an expert treatment helped alot to fix the things in time. Very well maintained clinic, hygiene seems to be of utmost priority and of course the doctors and the other staff, are really nice and they what they are doing.”

- Asad Ali

“Dr Mishra treats humans but it's been extremely kind of him that he treated our dog who was hit by a car and got dislocated hip joint, he was able to put back the bone into its place with just one session. God bless him for his magnanimous heart.”

- Gurpreet Kaur Wason

“Excellent experience. The doctors and workers at Active Plus are friendly and helpful. I have a knee ligament injury. The therapy imparted has proved to be beneficial in my healing process. Moreover, the clinic is well maintained and hygienic. Dr. Jeetu Mishra is an accomplished doctor and one can refer to Active Plus with full faith.”

- Sushma

“Dr. Jeetu Mishra is a person God sent to make me healthy and running again. I was suffering from frozen shoulder since one year and tried many things before, but the pain was the same. Then I went to Acctive Plus clinic and whithin two weeks of therapy I am feeling much relieved and confident with my hand. I am hoping by continuing the therapy I will be able to get full control of my hand without any pain, all thanks to Dr. Jeetu Mishra and Acctive Plus.”

- Ankur Dobriyal